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A Few Cooking Tips by Dave…

Cooking tips

BBQ Cooking Tips To Live By

#1 Cooking tip by Dave…

When having people over for a meal make sure to have plenty of booze on hand. Make the meal late. This way guests will be hungry, but happy by the time you serve. They will think anything is delicious! This works every time!

But if you are using “Dechant Spice” you can skip the booze! It will be delicious without.



#2 Cooking tip by Dave…

According to Alvis, steaks are supposed to be cooked medium rare. If somebody insists on having their steak differently, you ask them firmly but politely to leave!

Seriously…to cook the perfect medium rare steak, first season with Dechant Spice, then place on medium hot grill until juices rise, flip once and wait for juices to rise again. Take off grill and ENJOY!!

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